Box Lacrosse Ground Balls in the Corner

This is a great pregame warm-up drill we see lots of Box coaches using with teams of all ages to practice getting physical, getting the ball and attacking the goal quickly! Fast reps and fast action!

Box Lacrosse is gaining in popularity all over the world, and for good reason. Smaller teams, a smaller playing area, and smaller goals make it better for player development in many ways. 5-on-5 play means each player gets more opportunities to engage in the action. Plus the ball never goes out of bounds, and games are never canceled for bad weather. Parents- this means no more sitting outside for hours in the cold and rain!

Box Lacrosse is different than Field Lacrosse in many ways, too. To begin with, most Box coaches don't spend months or years worrying about their players non-dominant hand in line drills. Players learn to use their strong side in fewer drills and more game play. Box Lacrosse coaches will also tell you that it is OKAY to rake a ground ball! (What?!)

Use this great pregame warm-up drill to get into game situations! Give your players some contact and let your goalie see some shots! It's great for teaching your players to get the ball in tight spaces, and also not to foul other players into the boards.


box lacrosse ground balls corner practice drill

Figure 1.) Start with a 1-on-1: Two players will start in the corner of the field facing the boards. The rest of the players will stay up top above the restraining line to stay out of the way.

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