box lacrosse off ball pick roll shooting practice drill

Box Lacrosse Off-Ball Pick-and-Roll Shooting Drill

Use this simple, fun shooting drill with your Box and Field teams to practice using the "Two-Man" Game without the ball to get a man open in a good shooting position!

This is a great drill to teach your players to catch and shoot quickly. Playing Box Lacrosse is a great way for players to really build up their stick skills, field awareness, and IQ.  Smaller fields and smaller goals means your players must be able to handle the ball in tighter spaces with more physical defensive pressure.

Make sure all your players "Roll" after setting their "Pick!" Just like in Basketball, the Pick guy might be open if the Defense gets confused on who is covering who. The Two-Man Game can be very effective no matter whether you use it with the ball ("On-Ball") or without ("Off-Ball").

Finish Inside! Teach your players to shoot more accurately in this drill, not 100mph. Box Lacrosse Goals are smaller and the Goalies are bigger, with protective equipment similar to an Ice Hockey Goalie. Box Lacrosse players are such great goal scorers because they spend so much time shooting and scoring on smaller spaces to get the ball through.


box lacrosse off ball pick roll shooting practice drill

Figure 1.) Blue 1 pass to Blue 3 across the top. This ball movement from one side to the other is critical in Box Lacrosse to get the Goalie moving, and open up parts of the goal.

We run this drill with mostly "Righties" on the Right Side of the Floor (when looking out from the Goal or Goalie), since most of our players are Right-Handed. Box Lacrosse Coaches spend much less time on stick skills with the non-dominant hand and much more time on Game Situations and Scoring.

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