Continuous Ground Ball, Passing and Shooting Drill

Use this simple multi-skill shooting drill to give all your players tons of reps scooping ground balls, passing, and shooting without stopping!

We love this simple drill because it combines multiple individual skills, all at the same time! These are the exact same skills your players will use in game situations. And the drill never stops, so your players get tons of reps building muscle memory!

You can do this drill with or without a Goalie! Make sure all your drills are fun for your Goalies too. If the shots are coming too quickly, or from too close, your Goalie doesn't get anything out of it other than lots of bruises. This could be a good time to take your Goalie off to the side and give him or her some individual attention on the specific movements and techniques they need to use in games as well.


continuous ground ball passing shooting practice drill

Figure 1.) Start your players in one line up top. Scatter plenty of balls on both sides of the goal, 5-10 yards from the Crease. Blue 1 is by the balls on one side of the goal to get the drill started.

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