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Defending the Two-Man Game: Pick & Roll Defense Communication

The "Two-Man" Pick & Roll Game is a standard offensive play for almost every team now. You can use the same tools we see College and Pro Teams using to defend against it!

The Pick & Roll, or "Two-Man" Game is useful for teams at every level. We're having some trouble against the Two-Man Game on some of our teams this season, so we're looking around for some new ideas. We're following what top college coaches are using, and even seeing some Basketball-Style Defense making its way into Lacrosse.

Pull extra Defenders out of the middle! The Pick & Roll is effective because it creates extra problems for the On-Ball Defender. The Pick can also create problems for the rest of the Defense, confusing your normal Slide Packages and pulling Off-Ball Defenders out to the ball and out of the middle.

Use these simple techniques we see top college coaches using. All of the adjustments below require simple communication and positioning. Any one of your players can defend the Pick & Roll like a Pro!


new trend two man pick roll defense play practice drill

Figure 1.) Here we've illustrated a common Down Pick, like you might see in any Box or Field game. Blue 1 comes Down Field to set a Pick for Blue 5.

Communicate! Communicate! Communicate! Defender Red 1 has the responsibility for ALL communication in this situation. It is absolutely critical he tells Red 5 the Pick is coming, and that it is coming to his teammate's Left side.

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Use these new trends with your team to stay up to date on what the competition is doing, and win more games!