hopkins syracuse dodge feed from x college lacrosse play

Dodge and Feed from “X” Shooting Drill

Use this simple Dodging and passing drill in practice and pregame warm-ups if you want your players to score those easy "lay-ups" right in front of the goal!

Hopkins used this simple Dodge from "X" to beat Virginia in Overtime this season. Check out the full game highlights here.

Dodging or attacking from behind the goal is a great place to start to get in front and score. It's also a great way to force the Defense to "Slide!" to stop the ball, leaving another Attacker open up field in a better shooting position in front of the goal.

Imitate common game situations in practice! We love this shooting drill because it copies the exact positions your players will be in, with the exact passes and shots they will likely see during games. Plus, this shooting drill keeps it simple for your players, with just two guys working together around the goal.


You can do this drill with or without a Goalie in practice or pregame. Whatever keeps the drill and your players' feet and sticks moving! Don't let your players stand still in line for more than a few seconds.

dodge feed x shooting practice drill

Figure 1.) Set up your players in two lines- one behind the goal and one in front. The line in front of the goal should be at or around the "high Crease," 5-10 yards up from the top of the goal crease. Give Blue 1 enough space to Dodge and get in front of the goal, and enough space for Blue 2 to catch and shoot without going into the Crease.

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