Duke 3-1-2 “Inside-Out” Pick & Roll Offense 2

We're taking another look at the "Umbrella" Weave Offense that Duke used when they won the NCAA National Championship Game in 2014. It's a simple way to use the 2-Man Game to get Midfielders dodging into the "Slot".

This is a simple Dodging Offense that uses principles of classic Motion Offense, with some modern Pick & Roll "2-Man Game" to create space for your Midfielders to get to the middle of the field for some good shots right in front of the goal. Combine this with some 2-Man Game behind the goal at X to get your Attackmen involved.

The Pick & Roll creates tons of options! It's a great way get a man open with or without the ball, and tie up other Defenders so they can't Slide or Help. We don't have time to cover them all here: Picks, Rolls, Slip Picks, Reverse Picks, Double Picks, Alley Dodges, Fades, Approach Dodges, everything. Spend lots of time in practice if you intend to use the 2-Man Game in your Offense, as part of this play or other plays.

 Here's THE PLAY:

3-1-2 or "3-3" Formation: Set up your three (3) Midfielders in an "Umbrella" across the top of the box. Put one Attackman on the Crease and two Attackmen at GLE on both sides of the goal.

duke 3 1 2 inside out pick roll offense play

Figure 1.) Blue 1 Pass the ball to Blue 2, then set a High Wing Pick for Blue 2 so he can Dodge from the corner into the middle or "Slot". Start this play any time the ball moves from the "Inside" or middle to the "Outside" of the field. Make sure your players are setting their Picks on the Defenders' back side so they can't see where the Pick is coming from.

We run this play on the right side of the field first (when looking out from the Goal or Goalie) so that most of our players can dodge and shoot with their right hand.

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