flying v passing catching practice drill

“Flying V” Passing and Catching Drill

Keep all your players' feet and sticks moving with this fun, simple small-group practice drill that we got from Pro Players!

Maximize Touches and Repetition! The way to build stick skills is reps, reps, reps. At this point in the season we are looking for easy ways to mix it up at practice for our players, instead of doing the same old line drills every day. Small group drills like this are a great way to do that.

Keep your players moving and engaged in your drills. Your players didn't come to practice to stand in line. This drill keeps all your players moving, catching and throwing constantly. Plus there are tons of variations you can do with footwork, ground balls, etc. for all players in the group!

Work both hands! This drill is great for footwork, and stick skills with both hands, both sides. Your players can run, skip, side shuffle, so many variations for movement to develop athleticism and body- and hand-eye coordination in your players.


v passing catching practice stick skill drill

Figure 1.) Split your players into groups of three. Each group needs two balls. Blue 1 faces Blue 2 and Blue 3, who each have a ball in their sticks. Start your players 5-10 yards apart from each other.

All three players in the "V" move together! Blue 1 will run backwards as Blue 2 and 3 run forwards towards him. We do this drill back and forth across the field sideways to give our players plenty of room to run, but not too far that it becomes exhausting and unproductive.

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