quick hit 1 on 1 approach dodging drill

Four Corners Dodging Drill

We love this simple dodging drill that you can use any day at practice. It works on 1-on-1's, then builds up into more complicated game situations to work on individual and team defense!

This is a classic practice drill that we've seen youth and high school coaches using for years. Each rep starts with a simple 1-on-1, then very quickly moves into more complex game situations, involving defensive body position, communication, Slides and Recovery!

Dodging is not just about going 1-on-1 with your Defender. Great coaches and great players know that Dodging draws extra Defenders and creates numbers-advantage situations somewhere else on the field.

Offense- Use this drill to teach your players to draw the Defense! Practice all your different "moves" to get past your Defender and go to the goal! Get the Defense to Slide and Rotate, then move the ball to open teammates on the back side.

Defense- This is a great drill to work on body position. Take away the middle of the field and force the ball down the sides or behind the goal. If your Defenders are not guarding the ball, they need to be in position to help the other Defenders.


Set up your players in four lines around the corners of the field. If you don't have a lined field, place the cones where the edges of the Goal Area box should be so your players understand field spacing. Younger players tend to bunch up, making things more difficult. Give your players plenty of space to work!

four corners dodging practice drill 1 on 1

Figure 1.) Go 1-on-1 from the first cone. The first player in one of the lines (Red 1) will turn around and play defense on the second player (Blue 1). Blue 1 will Dodge to the goal against Red 1. Play out this 1-on-1 to a goal, save or a turnover.

Defense: Take away the middle of the field! Use good body position and body defense to keep Blue 1 out of the middle, away from the front of the goal.

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  • Keep the drill as a 1-on-1 until your players get comfortable handling the ball. Give them plenty of time and space to work before you move on to 2-on-2, etc. Have your players exit the drill after they dodge and start the next line.
  • Start at different lines each time. Keep your players guessing which line is going to start each time new players come into the drill.
  • Make sure all your players get to play both sides of the ball- Offense and Defense. Developing well-rounded athletes is one of the most important things you do as a Coach!
  • Keep time and Keep score! Time all your drills and keep score to inject some competitiveness in all your drills and games.