the slot also called the hole is the middle of the field in front of the goal, in between the alleys

Initiate the Contact with your Dodge and Get to the Slot.

High school and college lacrosse coaches today want players that can get in front of the goal. The Split Dodge down the alley isn't going to cut it all the time anymore. Against better Defenders and better Goalies today, you have to be able to get those high percentage chances in the middle. Teach your players to get to the "Slot," just like getting to the "Paint" in Basketball. Initiate the contact with the dodge- lean in to the defender to push your way into the middle.

Every youth player has that "Ah-ha!" moment where they finally realize that they don't have to stand 3- to 6-feet away getting their hands and arms shredded by slap checks from the bigger kid. You don't have to run all the way around a guy with a 6-foot pole throwing checks. Get inside the checks, push back against the pressure and move your feet where you want to go. Getting inside checking range forces the defender to push and engage with his hands. It's often times easier to get your hands free to pass and shoot while there are no stick checks coming.

youth lacrosse push into your defender get inside stick checksDon't take the scenic route to the goal. When you lean in to your defender like this when carrying the ball, your momentum and body weight going forward will help you take that crucial step in front of him, towards the goal. If you get even one step inside or in front, he's no longer on your side or hip. Now he's behind you. Either the goal is in front of you, or an extra defender is coming. You have created the 2-on-1, now move the ball!

Canadian Box Lacrosse players are very good at this. They have no problem carrying the ball under pressure, even when the double team comes. Watch the Thompsons, or any of the Iroquois kids.  They are really, really good at this. They are very comfortable standing right up against the pressure from some of the biggest, strongest defenders in college lacrosse.

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