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Lax Lingo: “Big-Little” Pick & Roll Play

Almost every team in the NCAA Tournament used this simple play multiple times in playoff games last weekend. We expect to see it again plenty of times this weekend. Use it with your youth and high school players to give your Attackmen a better "Match Up" to get free and score!

Big-Little has been a standard for at least a decade, maybe longer. We first saw high school teams using this play seven or eight years ago. Youth players can use it once they have a pretty good understanding of the "Two-Man" Pick and Roll game. This is an easy one you can install in just one or two practices.

Your Attackmen should be, arguably, your quickest, shiftiest Dodgers on your teams, with hopefully the best stick skills for shooting and dishing out Assists. College coaches use Big-Little to give their Attackmen an easier "Match Up" against a Short Stick Midfielder, and a better chance of getting past their Defenders to score, draw Slides and initiate your Offense.

Use the Pick & Roll against one Long Pole ("Big") and one Midfielder ("Little") on Defense. Most teams run this play with the Attackman behind the goal at "X". You could also run it with one of the Wing Attackman just as easily, but we haven't seen that


lax lingo big little pick roll play two man game

Figure 1.) Start this play when Blue Attackman (A) has the ball at "X", guarded by a Red Long-Stick Defender (LS). Blue Midfielder (M) will come to set the pick for Blue A. Blue M is guarded by a Short-Stick Defensive Midfielder (SS). This pick normally comes from the Crease, because he's closest.

Pick the best "Match Up!" for your Attackman. Blue A should probably Dodge against a slower or smaller Defender. This is like finding the weak link in a chain. Put your best Dodger up against their worst Defender.

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