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Lax Lingo: “Draw and Dump!”

This is one of the basic principles that coaches and players at every level should know and understand how to move the ball to the open man to score!

Coaches have been using "Draw and Dump" for decades as the basic principle of their offense. It is a key component of your players' lacrosse knowledge and IQ. We hear top coaches teaching their youth, high school and college players how to "Draw" a Defender and "Dump" the ball to their open teammates in settled and unsettled numbers-advantage situations.

Teach the 2-on-1! This is the easiest numbers-advantage situation, and one you should be talking about with your players at every practice and every game. Two (2) of your players against one (1) of their players anywhere on the field means you have a man open. This principle is critical to your success everywhere in the game- Offense, Defense, Clearing, Riding, Ground Balls, everything. Teach your players "how to play" instead of teaching them plays.

"Draw and Dump!" is how you create and use 2-on-1 situations to get players open and move the ball to the open man. Any time the Defense sends an extra player to cover the ball, you have a man open. Teach your players to recognize this common game situation in practice so they will see it in games!


draw dump lacrosse play

Figure 1.) Settled Situations: Dodge to "Draw" an extra Defender, then "Dump" the ball to the open man! Here we are looking at the classic 2-3-1 Alley Dodge. Blue 1 will dodge to get a good shot on goal.

First look is always to the goal! Blue 1 must be a threat to score to draw the Defense out to play him.

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  • Use "Draw and Dump" in your practice drills and games to point out 2-on-1 situations every chance you get. Once you recognize them, you will start to see them all the time!
  • Play Small-Sided Games: Start with 2-on-2, 3-on-3 or 5-on-5 so your players have an easier time and more opportunities to recognize when they "Draw" the Defense and when they should "Dump" the ball.
  • Make sure you practice lots of numbers-advantage drills so your players know they always have an extra man they can Dump the ball to.