Long, Medium, Short Passing Drill

We are using this simple line drill variation with our boys and girls teams to practice a variety of different passes that every player will need in games.

Keep it simple! Make this small change in just a few seconds of your regular line drills or warm-up passing drills. We do this drill at least once a week at the beginning of practice before we move into positional work or game situation drills.

Maximize repetitions for building muscle memory! This fun twist actually gives your players three passes and catches each time they go through the drill instead of just one! If you want your players to make good passes in games, they need to do lots of them in practice first.

Younger players may have some trouble with the long passes at first, but that's part of the fun. Let your players figure it out for themselves. Just let the kids play.


long medium short passing practice drill

Figure 1.) Start your players in two lines 20-30 yards or steps apart. Just like you would do any of your other line drill, but a little farther apart to give your players room to run. Running is the most important thing!

Give your players more reps! If we have enough players at practice, we break our line drills into groups of 5 so each player is in the drill every few seconds. Don't let your players stand around in line!

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