lynchburg 4 on 3 fast break practice drill both goals

Lynchburg 4-on-3 Fast Break Drill to Both Goals

We love any day when we have a full team at practice and a full field to work with. Keep all your players busy with lots of Unsettled Situations, tons of Reps, and tons of action going to both goals!

We got this great drill from some DI coaches at the beginning of this year, but they called it "Lynchburgs", after the Lynchburg Hornets in Virginia, currently 10-2 sitting at No. 5 in the Nike/USL DIII rankings. They're having a great season, especially after knocking off perennial DIII powerhouse Salisbury earlier this season. You can watch the full game here:


We were pretty terrible in unsettled situations in games this weekend. We had lots of 3-on-2, 4-on-3, and 5-on-4 extra-man opportunties from bad passes, ground balls, or turnovers in the middle of the field. But we weren't able to do anything with them. Numbers-Advantage Situation goals are usually easier to score than settled 6-on-6 situations, so it's very important to cash in on those easy, extra scoring opportunities. Especially against good teams! We need to spend lots of time on these in practice this week.


This is a great drill to keep all your players active, letting them play both sides of the ball- Offense and Defense, in Unsettled Situations. The drill uses both goals and both ends of the field, so nobody is standing in line for more than a few seconds. You can scale it up or down depending on your team's size or skill level. There are so many options, and it requires very little explanation. Just let your players rep it out and play!


Split up all your players into two teams. Each team will attack one goal, and defend one goal.

lynchburg 4 on 3 fast break practice drill both goals

Figure 1.) Start all your players in alternating lines of Attack and Defense facing each goal across the field on both sides of the Midfield Line. Four lines of players (Blue 1-4) will attack one goal against three lines of Defenders (Red 1-3). Facing the other goal on the other side of the field, four Offensive lines (Red 4-7) will attack against three lines of Defenders (Blue 5-7). These alternating lines is a great way to set up unsettled numbers-advantage situations in any drill.

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