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“Michigan” Sideways 2-on-1 Ground Ball Drill

This simple 2-on-1 to 2-on-2 drill combines so many things our teams need to practice right now- scooping, passing, shooting, defense, and more. We love it!

Michigan plays Notre Dame today, so we thought we'd share one of our favorite drills right now. This great Ground Ball drill is a simple twist on the classic "2-on-1 Man/Ball Drill". Add an extra Defender to play 2-on-2 to the goal.

The "2-on-1" is THE foundation of everything you are teaching your players, not just for lacrosse, but in almost all team sports- Basketball, Soccer, Ice Hockey, Water Polo, everything. Make sure all your players understand this fundamental concept before you move on to anything more complex. The 2-on-1 Ground Ball situation is about as basic as it gets.

Scoop it and Move it! This is a great drill to teach your players to ALWAYS pass after a loose ball situation. This Rule is non-negotiable for most College and Pro coaches. Create extra scoring opportunities out of unsettled situations if you move the ball quickly!


michigan sideways 2 on 1 ground ball practice drill

Figure 1.) Set up three lines on each side of the field. Just like most other 2-on-1 Ground Ball Drills, the man in the middle of each group of three will be the Defender. You can do this drill with our without a Goalie.

Coach will start with all the balls up top in the middle of the field. Make sure you have plenty of balls to keep the drill moving. Fast reps and fast action so your players don't stand in line for too long!

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