3 man weave pick roll passing catching practice drill

Modern 3-Man Weave: Pick & Roll

This is a different version of the classic 3-Man Weave. Use this drill to teach your players how to time and use the Pick & Roll, plus practice basic stick skills and get some conditioning all at the same time!

The 3-Man Weave is a classic in several sports for a reason. It keeps your players moving while working on passing and catching without letting them stand still.

Work the Pick & Roll! Use this variation of the 3-Man Weave to teach your players to set and use picks, and how to roll after setting a pick.

Imitate game situations! Very rarely in a game do you run behind a teammate with the ball in a game. If you do, you leave him with a double team- his Defender plus yours. This version of the 3-Man Weave teaches your players to move in front of their teammates to take defenders away and create space.

This drill is actually very similar to the "3-1-2 Inside-Out Pick & Roll Offense" that Duke used in the 2014 NCAA Div I National Championship Game. If your players understand how this drill works, maybe you can put this into your offensive playbook!


3 man weave classic passing catching practice drill

Figure 1.) Start your players in three lines 10-15 yards apart at one end of the field. Start with balls in the middle line.

You can have your players run goal line to goal line, full field, or whatever space you have available.

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  • Make sure your players understand the Pick & Roll. Walk through a basic Pick & Roll scenario with offense and defense before you start this version of the 3-Man Weave so your players know what they are doing and why.
  • Time Your Drills for your players' age and attention span. Move on to something else once a drill or game becomes unproductive.
  • Move towards the ball- "Attack the pass in the air." Move towards the passer to shorten the distance and stay in front of the Defense.


Let us know if your players start using the Pick & Roll Effectively after using this version of the 3-Man Weave!