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Team USA 2-3-1 Dodge from “X” with Backside Exchange

This is an easy play we saw Team USA use during their annual Blue-White Scrimmage last weekend. It's a simple variation on the classic 2-3-1 Motion Offense that will confuse the Slides for the Defense and get cutters open for good shots inside!

Team USA has the best lacrosse players in the world running this play: Joey Sankey feeds to Paul Rabil, Myles Jones or Tom Schreiber! Even though they have serious talent and experience, you can still run this play with your youth or high school team.

It's a simple variation on the rotating triangles of the 2-3-1 Motion Offense that most players should know how to run, and how to defend. It's a great way to get backside cutters open in the middle, teammates open up top for good outside shots, and confuse the Slides for the Defense!

There are so many options in this play, but it's still so easy! Teach your players to "Clear Through!" or "Stretch" away from the man with the ball to draw the Defenders away from the Dodger. Give him SPACE to work against his Defender to get free for a shot on goal. This forces the other Defenders to Slide from farther away, giving the Dodger more time to see the Double-Teams coming.


team usa lacrosse 2 3 1 dodge from x backside exchange

Figure 1.) First look is always to the GOAL! Dodging from behind the goal at "X" is a great way to get good shots from inside, right in front of the goal. If any extra Defenders "Slide!" to stop the ball, you should have players open up top in good position for a nice "Step-Down Shot".

Team USA had UNC Star Attackman Joey Sankey dodging to the Goalie's bottom left. Rob Pannell also likes to Dodge to this side for a right-handed "Question Mark" shot.

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