Team USA Box 3-Man Shooting Drill

We saw this great pregame warm-up drill at the World Championships this week in Canada. You can use it with your field or outdoor team too.

We love this simple shooting drill we saw Team USA using in their pregame warm-ups at the World Championships in Canada this week. Two quick passes, a Pick and Roll, and a Shot. Most importantly, it includes side-to-side ball movement to move the Goalie and create some space in the goal to shoot. So it's great for your Goalies too.

For coaches from most parts of the US, Box Lacrosse is very new. It has tons of benefits for your players- smaller teams, a smaller field, and faster action all mean more involvement for your players. They get a much higher "Competitive Opportunity", i.e. the amount of time each player is directly involved in the play.

Plus, every bad pass or shot goes off the boards and becomes more time with the ball in play! A pass or shot that normally goes out of bounds in Field Lacrosse goes off the boards in Box Lacrosse. All of these become a new unsettled situation, a ground ball, fast break, etc. The game almost never stops!


team usa box lacrosse 3 man pregame warm up shooting drill

Figure 1.) Start your players up top in three lines. Blue 1, in the middle, will pass over to Blue 2 on the left side, then Pick over to Blue 2.

Pick "Inside-Out". Cut into the middle to get open, then come back out to set the Pick on the Defender's back side, where he can't see it coming.

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