youth lacrosse shooting practice drill

Two-Line Dodging & Shooting Drill

Two-Line Shooting Drills are a great way to give your players tons of reps working on their moves, shooting in different game situations, plus they work on passing and catching!

We use these simple dodging and shooting drills at practices and camps at least once per week. Your players will get tons of reps and tons of shots. You can change up the drill to work on alll the different moves they will need to dodge past their defenders and get to the goal!

Focus on accuracy and shooting "On the Run". Don't let your players stop their feet to shoot. As youth and beginners, any shot on target is better than a shot going 100 mph. Power and speed will come later as your players develop better strength and coordination.

DO THIS DRILL WITH A SHOT BLOCKER! Your players will be shooting rapid fire to get tons of reps. Use this time to work on something else with your Goalies.


Start out with a huge bucket of balls at the top of the box. You want to make sure you have plenty so your players can take tons of shots. Don't spend half your time going to chase balls.

two line dodging shooting practice drill

Figure 1.) Start your players in two lines near the top corners of the box. Every player in both lines needs a ball except for the first person in one of the lines (Blue 1).

Blue 2 will pass to Blue 1 to start the drill. Just like in a game, you can't shoot if you don't catch the pass.

This is a "Good Time!" to go to the goal, any time the ball moves from one side of the field to the other. In a game, the Defense will be focused on Blue 2 with the ball. Blue 1 should have some space to dodge and shoot when he gets the ball on the back side of the field.

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  • All your players should practice dodging and shooting from both sides.
  • Shoot until all the balls are gone. Then go collect them and start over!
  • All your players should be shooting overhand to begin with, bounce shots on the ground (excellent!) before they move on to ripping Top Shelf, Sidearm or Underhand shots. Keep It Simple.


Let us know if your teams start scoring more goals after using this shooting drill at practice. You can't score if you don't shoot! Shooting practice every day!