two minute possession practice drill

The “Two-Minute” Possession Drill

Use this classic practice drill to work on passing, catching, stick protection, 1-on-1 Defense, plus get some conditioning work done at the same time!

Is your team struggling with turnovers, spending lots of time playing defense? This is a great "keep-away" drill to practice maintaining possession in the offensive end of the field!

Keeping possession is something every beginning lacrosse team has difficulty with. This drill is great for developing stick skills for catching and throwing in game situations, while your players learn to move their feet and practice stick protection, all at the same time!

Although it is no longer part of the college game, the "Two-Minute" rule still applies to NFHS Rules (High School), as well as to U15 and U13 US Lacrosse Youth Rules. The team with the most goals must keep the ball inside their attacking Goal Area (the "Box") during the final two minutes of play.

Coaches have been using this drill for years to practice keeping possession and not giving up unnecessary turnovers late in close games. You can use this drill with your team to work on handling defensive pressure, so your team will have the ball long enough in games to start your offense and create scoring chances!


two minute possession practice drill

Figure 1.) Start all your players inside the Goal Area. Set up this drill just like a game. If you don't have a lined field, set up a simple box with cones around a goal, roughly the same size as a proper field- 40 yards wide by 35 yards from the endline.

Start one player with the ball outside the box. They have 10 seconds to get the ball inside the box, just like in a game.

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  • Try this drill with 4-on-4 or 5-on-5 before going straight to 6-on-6. Younger and beginning players have an easier time with more space to move and make decisions, plus they get more opportunities with the ball with fewer players in each drill.
  • Even though it's called the "Two-Minute" Drill, start with 30 seconds or 1 minute before expecting your players to be able to run hard for a full 2 minutes. This is a pretty good conditioning drill.
  • Keep score to inject some intensity! Give your Offense one point for every minute they keep possession. Give your Defense one point for every turnover they create. Play for full-field sprints, burpees, pushups, whatever. You could even do some sprints too, Coach!


Make sure to tell us if you start getting more scoring chances after practicing keeping the ball with this drill!