youth lacrosse coach practice tryouts

College Lacrosse Preseason Conditioning Test

Want to show up for the 2016 lacrosse season in peak physical shape, ready to make a statement at tryouts? Use these 5 simple measurements used by college coaches to judge your overall physical fitness and see how you measure up to your teammates!

Lacrosse season is just around the corner. Are you ready for tryouts? Most of the college teams are already back in classes and on the field starting practices. If you're a youth or high school player, chances are your tryouts are coming up very soon.

We've seen lots of coaches using this test for their players on the first day of fall ball and on the first day of spring practices. We've heard both Denver and Michigan use something similar. 10-time naional champions Salisbury does this test followed by a 2-hour practice full of ground ball drills, Clearing, and 4-on-3 Fast Break Drills.

Even if you don't plan to play lacrosse in college at the DI level, using these 5 exercises will help you measure yourself against the fitness of your teammates, no matter what level. There's nothing a good coach wants more than a group of well-rounded athletes ready to work hard to help the team win some games.

Coaches- you can put your players through this test multiple times if you want. Remember- practice makes perfect.

You can do these exercises in any order, or in small groups or stations. Whatever keeps your players moving is what you should do.

Here's THE TEST:

1.) 1.5 Mile Run in under 9 minutes: 

This is a 6-minute mile like you would do in public school PE, with an extra half mile at the end for good measure.

Lots of people will tell you that distance running isn't the kind of training lacrosse players need, which is mostly true. Lacrosse is a game of sprinting and recovery. BUT being able to go for a run is a pretty good indicator of your overall physical fitness, especially cardiovascular fitness.

2.) Bench Press Your Body Weight (or more) 10x:

Even though this isn't the kind of lifting younger players should be doing yet, it is another good measurement of upper body strength. This motion, pressing straight out away from the chest, is the same motion you would use to drive the man with the ball down the alley away from the goal.

  • You could also have your players do 50 push-ups if you don't have access to a weight room.

3.) 3:00 Plank Challenge:

Get into a push-up position, then lower down onto the forearms. Back and legs should be straight, with the head over the hands. This is a great test of core strength, using the abs, abdominals, obliques, hip flexors and glutes.

  • If you really want to push it, make it a 4:00 or 5:00 challenge.

4.) 15+ Pull Ups:

Another excellent indicator of overall upper body and core strength, pull ups can be a real challenge for younger players. Even the average high school athlete should be able to do 5-10.

The college guys use only the classic (and most difficult) "pull-up" grip, with the palms facing away. You can modify for your players if necessary to do "chin-ups," with the palms facing you. Or try having one hand face out and one hand face in, like you would grab a climbing rope.

marine fitness test pull ups palms facing away

5. ) 25+ Dips:

Again, a pretty good indicator of overall upper body strength. Dips use the arms and shoulders, plus holding yourself in position also works the core muscles. Do these on a dip bar if you have them, or just use a chair.

strength fitness test tricep dips

Try, try, try again. If you can't do them all yet, don't worry. It is the act, the process, of taking the steps to improve your physical fitness that is most important- go for a run after school, do some sprints, do push-ups and sit-ups in your room in the morning, whatever it takes to get a little stronger, a little faster, any extra high-intensity exercise to improve your lungs and your legs before you show up for the first day of practice.

Just like you have to practice picking up ground balls over and over before it becomes easy, the same is true for developing your physical fitness. Each of these exercises become easier the more you do them on your own.

Good luck this season! Make your momma proud.