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Navy Shadow Dodging & Defense Drill

This is a great drill we saw Navy running before their playoff game this weekend. It's a simple, effective way to get all your players ready to move their feet on Offense and Defense for game time!

Most players don't get the chance to dodge with the ball much before games. The  most common pregame warm-up drills are usually line drills, ground balls, and 4-on-3 Fast Breaks. Very few teams have dodging drills as part of their pregame routines.

This is a great way to get all your players carrying the ball and playing 1-on-1 Defense before the first whistle blows:

  • Offense: Get your players' feet and sticks moving. Get the pads warm with some contact!
  • Defense: Focus on proper defensive footwork. Stay in between the man with the ball and the goal!
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Keep It Simple... (K.I.S.S.) This is one thing we really love when we watch college and pro coaches- the things they work on are not complicated or fancy, they are usually very simple. The big difference is that the college and pro guys do them better and faster every single time.

Mix in all your players for this drill- Long Poles, Middies, Attack, everybody. Your Defenders will need to carry the ball when they are Clearing. Your Attackmen will need to play 1-on-1 Defense when they Ride. Your Midfielders obviously need to play both sides of the ball. This drill is great for the whole team!


navy dodging & defense practice drill

Figure 1.) Start your players in two lines in each Alley down on the end line. The first player in each line (Blue 1) will turn around to play defense against the second player in each line (Blue 2).

Use this drill while you warm up your Goalie(s). Navy did this drill after they finished their normal line drills while Goalies were still taking shots. College Goalies see literally hundreds of shots before the game starts.

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